With so much praise surrounding her name, it's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since Amy Grant last released a full-length album. Despite not releasing new music into the country world, Grant has kept busy by selling 30 million records, landing 10 singles on the Top 40 pop chart and appearing on the adult contemporary and Christian contemporary charts. And now, the six-time Grammy winner is ready to release her next full-length record.

The great thing about taking 10 years off is that it gives an artist plenty of fodder for new stories to write and new melodies to sing. And in the case of 'How Mercy Looks From Here,' the new album, those years helped give Grant plenty of emotional stories to tell about the triumphs and challenges she's faced.

“A lot of major life changes happened during these past few years," she says. “So on this record, there’s zero filler. Every song has a real story behind it.”

Grant also noted that getting older and separating the things in life that truly matter from those that don't has helped her to create an album that she is extremely proud of. “At some point in life you realize that some things really matter and some things don’t,” she reveals. “Living matters. Celebrating life matters. Seeing the value in hard times matters. Relationships and people matter. Faith matters. I feel like that’s where my head has been while writing and recording this project. I feel this is a very positive record. I hope it is life affirming. Life prepares us for the journey. You don’t know what’s ahead and that is one of the great things about getting older in a framework of faith. Faith is the one thing that stands the test of time.”

Of course, it takes a village to create an award-winning record, so the country songstress turned to several of her friends in high places to help out. James Taylor, Carole King, Will Hoge, Vince Gill and other celebrated musicians earned credits in the liner notes.

Stay tuned for 'How Mercy Looks From Here,' which is due out on May 14. After a 10-year break, we're ready for Grant to wow us once again.

Amy Grant 'How Mercy Looks From Here' Track Listing:

1. 'If I Could See'
2. 'Better Not to Know'
3. 'Don't Try So Hard' (with James Taylor)
4. 'Deep as It Is Wide' (featuring Sheryl Crow and Eric Paslay)
5. 'Here'
6. 'Shovel in Hand' (with Will Hoge)
7. 'Golden'
8. 'Our Time Is Now' (with Carole King)
9. 'Not Giving Up'
10. 'How Mercy Looks From Here'
11. 'Greet the Day'

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