Are you planning to spring clean during spring break? What about hosting a garage sale? Well, Townsquare Media and Victoria Dodge have teamed up to help Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity Restore Outlet. They want your leftovers!

Did you know that the Habitat Restore Outlet accepts donations of small and large appliances, new or gently used furniture, building materials and anything else you can think of when you think "home?" We're talking; lamps, couches, mirrors, light fixtures, door handles, televisions, DVD players, DVDs, rugs, even comic books... pretty much everything including the kitchen sink.

The only home item GC Habitat doesn't accept is clothes.

The Restore  located at 4103 N. Navarro is now offering our community another easy way to purge their left over garage sale or spring cleaning home items.

Starting this Saturday, March 7th, Victorians can just "drop off" their gently used home items right at the trailer located in front of the Restore until 6pm.

Donations are still, as always, accepted Monday through Saturday from and you can still call for pick up, but offering a Saturday trailer drop off just makes it even more convenient for those who want to donate to GC Habitat even easier.

Since Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity Restore opened it's door in Victoria in 1999, proceeds from the Restore alone has built 12 homes in our community while diverted more than 420 tons from our local landfill. Since 1994, GC Habitat has built 130 homes in Victoria and surrounding counties.

To donate items or schedule a pickup for large items, please call (361) 570-4700 .


Victoria Dodge and Townsquare Media encourages you to partner and give back to a local nonprofit helping our community, just like GC Habitat for Humanity and GC Habitat for Humanity Restore.

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