Have you ever heard one of Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity's mantras?

"We are a hand up, not a handout," is one that gives you an idea of how Habitat for Humanity truly works.

In fact, one of the most common misconceptions about how GC Habitat and Habitat for Humanities around the world work is that those who receive a home through Habitat get a house for free.

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

As a GC Habitat for Humanity volunteer for several years, I can attest that the homeowners put a great deal of sweat equity into homes themselves as they work on builds throughout their neighborhoods as part of their incentive as well as paying a mortgage just like we all do. Homeowners take financial training as well and must learn to budget and prioritize their income, just like we all do too.

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Another misconception is that GC Habitat only serves Victoria County. GC Habitat serves multiple counties in our area. Goliad, DeWitt, Jackson, Lavaca and now, with extreme damage from Hurricane Harvey, repairs in Refugio County as well.

GC Habitat has repaired a total of 40 homes in Refugio County, since Harvey.

Crossroads Today reported, "Cynthia Staley, the President of Habitat Victoria, explained this devastating situation in more depth. “We had Hurricane Harvey, which was a category 4 hurricane and it really just devastated our county and it traumatized Aransas and Refugio county. Refugio county lost 72% of all of its single-family dwellings. They were either damaged or destroyed,” she said. Finally, in November, the organization was able to finish building 40 houses in Refugio. They met their goal before the deadline.

Awesome job to all of those that helped be a part of this incredible repair project for Refugio!

If you are interested in being a part of the community mission that GC Habitat stands for, please consider volunteering or being a part of Giving Tuesday, an incentive to raise money for Victoria and ALL of the surrounding counties GC Habitat serves.

Please call, 361. 573.2511 for more information or visit GC Habitat's website here.

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