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The border crisis is getting serious enough that even our county, Victoria County has found it a necessity to make a disaster declaration.

Yesterday Victoria County Judge, Judge Ben Zeller signed a Disaster Declaration for Victoria County.

You can read the Disaster Declaration and resolutions in their entirety here. In the resolution, you can see that the declaration was made to the influx of people entering the county illegally, posing a public health and safety issue for many Texas communities, including our own.

How does the border affect those seeking entrance into the United States through Mexico?

Judge Zeller offers in the resolution that the crisis is also humanitarian in nature offering that the border situation includes children who are being exploited and trafficked into what the documents refer to as "modern-day slavery."

Sheriff Justin Marr offers his thoughts and first-hand knowledge on the crisis for Victoria county.

Recently, Sheriff Justin Marr, came to the Townsquare Media studios to offer that the border crisis includes innocent women and children offering that the cartel is behind the scenes and says that what is happening at the border is a lucrative business. Marr says, " You can sell drugs once, but you can sell a human over and over again."

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You can listen to Sheriff Marr's interview on our Townsquare Talks Everything 361 podcast by clicking here.

Judge Zeller offers these thoughts exclusively to Townsquare Media.

"The federal government is allowing an increasingly disastrous situation to unfold on our Southern border, and it seems that waiting for the Biden administration to fix this problem only leads to more empty words instead of meaningful actions. Not only has the frequency of illegal border crossings into Texas increased exponentially, but U.S. Border Patrol also reports a spike in large groups of migrants, defined as 100 people or more traveling together, trying to gain illegal entry into Texas. The size of these large groups presents an added number of problems, such as the impact they may have on local COVID-19 infections. Yesterday’s declaration follows disaster declarations in a number of rural Texas counties, some of which were overwhelmed soon after the implementation of the Biden administration’s open-border attitude and “catch & release” immigration policies. While the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office has more manpower and resources than some of our more rural neighbors, the strain on our local law enforcement is only increasing and this has become a crisis that is left to the State of Texas and Texas’ counties to deal with."

Judge Zeller will be with us Sunday for the Victoria Report answering additional questions on air regarding this declaration. 

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