Do you--or someone you know--scour the newspaper for yard sale ads? Or drive all over town on Saturday mornings, hunting a good deal at a yard/garage sale? While it's true there are often great bargains to be found, according to noted financial expert Dave Ramsey, there are also some items you should NEVER purchase at such sales!As posted at

A yard sale is a dream come true for a person who is on a budget or just generally wants to save money. You have to admit, finding a $50 item for $15 makes you feel like, well, a million dollars.


But even so, there are some used things you shouldn’t buy at a yard sale, even if you get a steep discount. They may pose a health risk or not work the way they should. It can be hard to resist a cheap price tag, but spending money on a non-quality object is just as bad as overspending for something new. Either way, money is wasted.


Here are nine examples of things you should not buy at any kind of yard sale:


Bicycle helmets. Helmets are pretty tough, but they are made to withstand only one crash. So don’t buy one at a garage sale, because it may have already met the pavement.


You can see the rest of the list of items by clicking the link below. And happy bargain hunting!

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