Several times a week JP and I get the honor of featuring businesses in our community that is open for business now that we've flattened the curve. We enjoyed so much visiting with Stephanie Ross, External Marketer for Bethany Living, a gated community for senior living in Port Lavaca because you could tell she loves her job and the people she works with.

In fact, here are five things Stephanie loves most Bethany Living.

1. I love that we are blessed with a beautiful and new facility and I appreciate the wonderful team who keeps it looking new every day by working hard to maintain it constantly. From the moment you enter the property, you can tell how well kept it is. It immediately makes you feel happy to be here.

2. I love that it's not just beautiful on the outside but we have a phenomenal staff who makes everyone feel at home, safe, and loved. Our people will stop what they are doing to help one person specifically at that moment. We are there for whatever someone needs, day or night, whether it be a drink of water, help to call a loved one, or reading a book to them. We have staff that will take them for a walk because they needed to get some fresh air or sit with someone who needs to talk. We really are a family.

3. I love that I get to work with an intelligent and experienced team who takes pride in striving for perfection every day. From the kitchen staff preparing meals and snacks all day long to our activities team constantly providing fun games to play where residents don't want to miss out to the CNA's and nurses who provide constant care, to the administration team who keeps the whole thing running! Everyone works so hard to do their best because we care about each resident and want each person to feel at home.

4. I love the owner and administrator who take the time to know and care about every person there, residents and staff. They are very well- respected but know how to relate to each person as well.

5. I personally love that I'm in a position where I can constantly learn and grow and have the freedom to do so. I love what I do because I believe in taking care of our senior citizens who have taken care of us in the years past. I would trust our facility with my loved ones, and that is why I can proudly recommend Bethany Living to others.

See what we mean? Stephanie feels like Bethany Living is home, and we all know, " Home is Where the Heart Is."

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To learn more about Bethany Living, check out their Facebook page. Or call Stephanie Ross at 361.551.0500

If you'd like to talk to JP and I about featuring your business on our morning show, JP and Ingra Lee, just give us a call at 361. 573.0777


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