Houstonian Creates Safe Hugging Device for Nursing Homes
With the restrictions of the current COVID-19 pandemic, residents of nursing home have become very isolated and it's very sad. Imagine not being able to hug your mom order dad for four months.
In a story reported by KPRC2 Click2Houston, Steven Crenshaw  and his wife, Amber, who …
Seniors Close Out Year 'Dancing With the Stars'
This past weekend was Prom 2020 "Dancing With the Stars" at Schroeder Hall and it was AWESOME!  As a private DJ, I had started to look for a way to put on a prom after it was cancelled due to COVID. Luckily I ran in to Jennifer Rayburn, who had the same passion about putting o…
Seniors to Celebrate Prom This Week
Many Crossroads Seniors have celebrated some sort of graduation ceremony, but Senior year is not over yet.  There is still one more thing for you to do. PROM!
This Week Schroeder Hall, JP Productions, Danny Vivan Photography, Crossroads VIP Booth alongside the guidance of Jennifer Rayburn and ma…