I know many schools in Victoria have had 'prize boxes' for good deeds in the classrooms. My son used to receive 'Caught Being Good' cards and that always turned into an afternoon of him being proud and telling us about it. However, I don't know of any schools in Victoria using this positive reinforcement method of being sent to the principal's office for a real-time positive affirmation and a prize. Do you know of a school in Victoria that does this?  Let us know by sending me an email at JP@townsquaremedia.com and tell us about it.

One principal at a Corpus Christi Elementary School is changing the way she does business! How about a trip to the principal's office for doing something positive?

As reported by KRIS-TV, Kimberly Ellis, the principal of Dawson Elementary School has come up with a positive office referral program in which teachers can send their students to her office if they have done something positive like behave well or be a leader in the classroom. While the program is temporary, Ellis is hoping the program will become permanent. Students get rewarded with a prize from the “treasure box”, a box full of fun things like stickers, stamps, candy, pencils, and pens.

It may be a small gesture, however, it goes a long way for a kiddo.

I mean have you ever seen how proud a child looks after you tell them they did a great job on something? So far, about 10 students have gotten sent to the principal office for this program.

See how happy Serenity was to be sent to the principal's office for reading in her class [INTERVIEW BELOW].

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