As you may know, my wife Sweetie and I moved our belongings from El Campo to Victoria over Easter weekend. Our new house hadn't been thoroughly cleaned before we started moving in, so we had to do some quick cleaning (which still isn't 100% finished). Then, there will be the final cleaning of our previous residence, which will take place this weekend. I found this article with some helpful cleaning tips, and thought I'd pass it along to you, the fine readers of these carefully-crafted blog posts.

So, from, here are 25 cool cleaning tricks:

Some of us are absolute neat freaks, cringing at the sight of unsightly bacteria or disorganized magazine stacks. Then there are the people who cover the rest of the spectrum: slightly OCD, remotely clean, absolute slob, and everything in between. This list is for all of them, but especially the inherent neat freaks. Here are 25 thorough cleaning tricks for the neat freak.


Click the link below to see all of the list. And...clean up after yourself, will ya?!

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