A Texas Waiter Gets A $18,000 Tip And People Are Angry About It

Over the weekend a waiter in Texas serving at a fine dining establishment was tipped over $18,000.00 for one meal and social media comments went through the roof!

Why get angry over the $18,000 tip? Most thought it was too much for too little!

Surprisingly, many of the comments made on Reddit were negative. Some of the comments were just downright catty and angry!

As a former waitress, I can attest that waiting on and serving guests food is NOT the easiest job in the world and sometimes no matter how well you do your job, you still get "stiffed' from time to time.

Couple ordering from a waitress in restaurant


Have you ever been stiffed before?

Getting stiffed means not receiving any additional compensation from the table you waited on which is especially hard on waiters because most Texas food establishments pay below minimum wage as tips are expected. And maybe that's the problem. Many Texans feel that waiters should receive a living wage AND people should not ask to be tipped for minimum service, like tip jars out when it's a serve-yourself establishment.

Newsweek covered the story and detailed the story offering that the meal was a 50th birthday celebration with $$33,557.50 for food and beverages. "The included gratuity on the bill was $6,200, but an additional tip section was available for customers who wanted to add to this amount. Incredibly, the table added $12,000 to the tip amount, bringing the grand total of the whole bill to $51,757.50."


The bill's grand total was $51,757.50!

Newsweek continues, " A recent survey by DealAid.org asked 1,050 U.S. consumers about tipping culture in America. Of the respondents, 48.6 percent said that they felt tipping was out of control, with Gen Z consumers being the most unhappy.

Comments like this one; "Bro that grand total is someone's annual salary," said wilde_flower filled the comment section.

One reader offers, Even the forced tip (disgusting) is excessive. This is why tips shouldn't be seen as "required."  Followed by, "We all work for a living. Should we all be tipped?"

Jar for Tips with Money

Do you think Texas employees are getting out of control by asking for tips?

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