I suppose once you're a star the magnitude of a George Strait or a Tim McGraw or a Kenny Chesney, you pretty much call your own shots as to what, where, and when you actually record. It's hard to believe, but Kenny Chesney hasn't recorded (or released) an album since 2010.

Now, as reported by CMT Daily Roundup, Kenny Chesney is recording new music at Ocean Way St. Barths in the Caribbean. The Digital Music Newswire reports that Kenny and producer/songwriter Buddy Cannon are working together on his first album since his 2010 release, Hemingway’s Whiskey. Kenny’s road manager said the “vibe was awesome” working at the beachside studio. Kenny’s current single, “Reality,” is currently in the top 10 on the country charts.
 Kenny’s manager tells the New York Post that stories about Kenny’s desire to change labels or be more “mainstream” are “inaccurate.” He says Kenny has “no plans to be anything but a country-music artist” and “they have enjoyed a long-term, successful relationship with [his current label] Sony.”
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