What’s the Worst Street in Victoria?
Everybody knows that Victoria has some pretty awful streets that need attention. They've suffered the ravages of wear and tear, shifting grounds underneath, weather and other factors but, which one or ones are the worst?
Crestwood. This horrible endurance course of a street has plagued Victoria …
2018 Home Product Show Coming in April
Friday the 13th means bad luck to some people but this year, it's good luck because that's the weekend of the 2018 Victoria Builders Association Home Product Show.
Who doesn't have a honey-do list or some things that could be improved around the house...
Smoothie King to Open in Victoria
I ask you, who doesn't love smoothies? Victoria will soon have another option when Smoothie King opens. According to a published report, Smoothie King will open by April 1st at a location on the Houston Highway at the corner of Ben Wilson...

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