Buh-Bye, Windows XP
Do you still have or use a computer that uses the venerable Microsoft Windows XP operating system? If so, get ready to watch it fade into the sunset! According to a report by USA Today, Windows XP will reach "end of life" on April 8, 2014. What does "end of life" …
Keith Urban “Whistles” New Tune
Not only is Keith Urban a great guitar player, singer, and songwriter, but, apparently, he's a good whistler, too! I'm not talking about walking down the street whistling a song... I'm taliking more in terms of a "coach's" or "referee's" w…
Kenny Chesney Right At Home While Recording In The Carribbean
I suppose once you're a star the magnitude of a George Strait or a Tim McGraw or a Kenny Chesney, you pretty much call your own shots as to what, where, and when you actually record. It's hard to believe, but Kenny Chesney hasn't recorded (or released) an album since 2010.