Not only is Keith Urban a great guitar player, singer, and songwriter, but, apparently, he's a good whistler, too! I'm not talking about walking down the street whistling a song... I'm taliking more in terms of a "coach's" or "referee's" whistle.

Keith Urban’s new single “You Gonna Fly” is flying straight to the top of the charts. Keith brought his diverse musical tastes to the production on this track, as well as a few interesting instruments…like the coach’s whistle you hear after the first verse. Keith told CMT Daily Roundup, “I remember on one of the Guns ‘N Roses records, I think it was ‘Welcome To The Jungle,’ maybe before they went into one of the crazy sections you hear this whistle and I always thought that was such a quirky, cool thing to do. And so, I went out and bought a whistle! [Laughs] And put it on this song!” Keith just released a high-energy music video for “You Gonna Fly,” which you can check out for yourself at
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