It was a hot, April afternoon. After a long morning of doing yardwork and chores around the house, I decided it was time for something cold and refreshing. As I spun through the rolodex in my mind, trying to figure out where to go for a cold drink and some entertainment, a place for people who want to have a party... it hit me. There was only one place. I took a quick shower and headed out the door on a mission.  I pulled up in front of the place I had in my minds eye. It was just as I remembered ... a huge, well lit parking lot and a giant sign over the door making any and everyone feel welcome. As I walked inside a cold blast of conditioned air welcomed me like an old friend. The  greeter welcomed me and I was in. Bells were ringing, horns were blaring, lights were flashing, people were dropping coin after coin into circus-like machines, pulling arms, pushing buttons, and wanting for that instant gratification only winning brings. The noise was deafening. Everywhere I looked, someone was collecting their winnings with their eyes on an even bigger prize. It was amazing! By the way, the pizza was good, too. I was at Chuck E. Cheese in the Victoria Mall for a birthday party. I suggest you check it out for yourself!