If Texas has its own power grid, why are we freezing?

Sadly there are news stories throughout Texas this morning of Texans who in desperation to keep warm were either hospitalized or died from carbon monoxide poisoning. One family brought charcoal into their home to burn, another family started their car in their garage, two acts of desperation in an effort to keep their children warm. One lead to hospitalization, the other proving to be fatal.

There are millions of Texans still without power today and tonight's weather looks daunting once again.

But doesn't Texas have their own electric grid?

Texas is one of only a handful of states that has its own electric grid and Texans are wondering why if we have our own electrical grid are 2 million Texan homes still without power!

The Texas grid is called ERCOT, and it's the same name you've heard about a great deal in the last two days as it's the same name as the company that is in charge of the "scheduled" rolling blackouts we've been experiencing throughout Texas. These are some of the rolling or rotating blackouts that have failed to return power to homes after the scheduled blackout itself. Here is why.

According to sources such as the Texas Tribune our electric grids were designed to help Texas during the hot summer months so when excessive energy was used to heat up households on Sunday, not all of our resources on the grid were online and it caused serious issues. Power lines being down due to the storms and wind turbines frozen in place throughout some parts of Texas only added additional issues to our power sources as well.

Power lines weighed down by ice cause damage along a country road.

ABC13 Houston was able to reach Gov. Abbott to ask him some pointed questions, namely, "Do you think Texans are justified in being angry, to which he replies, " I would be angry too."

You can read the ABC13 Houston article and hear Gov. Abbott's comments by clicking here.

Here are a few tips to keep yourself and your home warm during this winter storm.

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