ERCOT Wants Us To DO What?!

Ah yes, ERCOT has been under fire all year long, and the hot mess is just getting hotter and hotter as the year progresses. The latest debacle comes as ERCOT has asked all of Texas to lower their thermostats to an outrageous and spicy hot 78 degrees.

I don't know about you, but that sure sounds like a high number. Probably because it is. Sitting in my home at 78 degrees does not sound comfortable. I need snowflakes blasting at me as soon as I open my front door. The days are hot in the summer, and when people get home, many of us expect to come home to a cool and refreshing place. There have already been many accounts and complaints of people sweating it out, and smart homes users are switching their controlled thermostats to, well, not so smart thermostats.

Texas Twitter is Clapping Back

It seems like just months ago, ERCOT told us the power grid couldn't handle the cold, but now it looks as if it can't take the heat either. With that being said, Twitter and tons of its users are clapping back, saying if you can't handle heat ERCOT, stay out of OUR kitchen.

Texans Are Riled Up

The response to the request earlier this month is hilarious, to say the least. There are tons of hysterical tweets. People are all riled up, as they should be. Times are tough, and Texas heat is even tougher. The sun is out like the Blades of Glory, and we are in the defense. Texans are telling it how it is and being straight-up real. These are pure gold. Check these 20 times Texas clapped back at ERCOT on Twitter, and let us know on social media if you can relate.

  • 1

    Be a Lot Cooler

    Turn up that thermostat, and it sure would be a lot cooler if you did. In fact, anything under 78 degrees would probably be a lot cooler in Texas.

  • 2

    Every Light is On

    Hey, you got to shut those lights on. Preservation baby is essential right now.

  • 3

    Sing It To Me

    Sometimes, to get your point across you just have to serenade them with those vocal cords.

  • 4

    Rolling Black Outs

    Oop. Call me crazy, but I don't think those were the blackouts ERCOT was talking about.

  • 5

    Figure It Out

    This may take more than a mathematical calculation.

  • 6

    Sneaky Sneaky

    Hey, if plankton has it figured it out, it must work, right? Wait a minute...

  • 7

    Working On It

    Hopefully, they are working on a solution harder than Patrick the Star *gulp*

  • 9

    Makes Me Wanna Do It More

    Telling us not to do something just makes us want to do it even more.

  • 10

    Riddle Me This

    Hmmm. This is a good one. Valid points all around.

  • 11

    Come and Take It

    Come on, we all collectively dare ya.

  • 12

    Mess With The Thermostat

    ERCOT is in for a world of pain if they plan on messing with any of these Twitter user's thermostats. PeriodT.

  • 13

    Diddly Squat

    All we need is some picket signs and sharpies and we got ourselves a good ol protest.

  • 14

    Old School Temps

    I've heard about smart home thermostats adjusting themselves to high temperatures to save energy. However, I don't think this user will have to worry about all that.

  • 15


    Look, energy shortage or not, we got to have those phones charged.

  • 16

    You're Powerless Here

    Ha! This one is pure gold. This user is just letting it be known: ERCOT you have no control with this one.

  • 17

    SpongeBob Chimes In

    Even Pooks had to get in on the action because well, the AUDACITY.

  • 18

    Who Do You Think You Are

    Here is a little guide. Ah yes, 85 sure does sound cozy.

  • 19

    Coffee Maker

    Not even our coffee pot is safe from all of this. Either way, I am plugging it in, you don't want to see me without my caffeine.

  • 20

    Hot Pockets

    Well, I hope you like your Hot Pockets with a cold center because from now on, you're going to need to heat them up on low power, kay thanks.

  • 20

    I Don't Think I will

    Yeah, that's gonna be a hard no from us over here, sorry pal.

  • 21

    Bring Back an Oldie


    This may have been from the February freeze but the idea is still the same. Oh who to blame for the summer wave of energy failure.

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