My wife and I have often talked about how nice it would be to have an RV of some sort. I kind of like the idea of a travel trailer, as that would allow us to "un-hitch" the pickup truck to drive to somewhere other than where we park the trailer to "camp out." But then, sometimes, I think it would be nice to have a big ol' motorhome! Now, one of the most famous manufacturers of motorhomes has taken a page from their past, and put it into a brand-new, modern model...but from the exterior, it's hard to tell it's not one from 30 years ago!

As posted on the Winnebago® corporate website:

It was "Out Of This World" as Winnebago® showcased the new 2015 lineup and the debut of several all-new products, including the all-new Brave® and Tribute™, Grand Tour® and Ellipse® Ultra motorhome lines unveiled at the event.


The Brow is Back! Winnebago has blended vintage with a modern twist with the introduction of the all-new Brave and Tribute. In the '60's and '70's, there was no mistaking a Winnebago motorhome with the distinctive "eyebrow" design and flying W logo. It was the motorhome that made America fall in love with the RV lifestyle. The new Brave and Tribute breathe new life into the legendary design, providing the opportunity to re-live childhood memories for a new generation of motorhome enthusiasts. Beyond the retro styling, the Brave and Tribute are loaded with today's best features and offered in two versatile floorplans with exciting color schemes like Good Vibration with Cherry Cola Cherry cabinets, as well as a price to fit the budget of a young, traveling family.


Yup...something like this just might make me want to "go retro," too! You can read the rest of the article by clicking the link below.

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