We all want to travel this summer it seems!

Well ya, duh, we've been cooped up for over a year! There are so many places to see in Texas that the destinations are truly endless for a state as great as ours, but what about making the adventure less about what you'll do when you get there and more about where you'll stay when you do?

A report by CNBC offers this statistic.  "A recent Vrbo survey of 8,000-plus people found that 65% of Americans plan on traveling more in 2021 than they did pre-Covid." 

A quick look at the trends and travel plans are surging, with 2022 seemingly even busier as the COVID vaccine becomes more readily available and more are vaccinated.

Not to mention, it seems like more families spent the year reflecting on what mattered most to them, like not taking time spent together for granted. I know ours did.

Here are 10 Texas Air B&Bs you're gonna love! We hope you are able and comfortable to get out and explore them.

Unique Texas Air B&Bs

So far, so GREAT!

Hands down, the coolest place we've ever stayed in Texas SO FAR is Reservation on the Guadalupe in New Braunsfels, also known as Rez on the Guad and it was GREAT!

We built an entire weekend birthday party around the tipis we were staying in, even getting a tipi-themed cake for the birthday girl. Our weekend was about relaxing on the river, cooking outdoors, and daydreaming inside the tipi at night, fantasizing about what life might have been like for the Natives who were there before us. Of course, with two king beds and a fully equipped kitchenette, oh and being fully air-conditioned, these tipis are only like our ancestor's lodging in theory, but it was an incredible feeling laying awake at night in awe of the spaciousness the architecture of the tipis provided, wondering what life had been like hundreds of years ago.

We think 'Rez on the Guad' really takes the cake!

Photo Credit Ingra Lee
Photo Credit Ingra Lee

Our goal now is to try one of the unique Air B&Bs every summer on this list until we've seen them all! We will keep you posted!

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