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My family and I took a cruise once.

Once and only once.

It turns out my husband can not stand to be in open areas with huge crowds of people outside and all around him. It was like being in a sardine can in the middle of the ocean!

Needless to say, after that expensive experience that we personally did not really enjoy, we are always looking for cool things our family can do especially if it's in BIG DADDY'S comfort zone!

We could not be excited to learn that right here in the Great State of Texas you can actually rent an entire estate with a built in waterpark with tons of amenities all to your lonesome, or with your family, or several families THAT YOU KNOW AND LIKE!

attachment-Screenshot 2023-04-27 100300

It's called Red Sands Ranch and it looks freaking awesome!


About three and a half hours from Victoria, Red Sands Ranch has everything a family that wanted a vacation from the crowds would want to experience this summer!

Here are the top three reasons you should get your fabulous family together and rent Red Sands Ranch... the whole shebang! All 5,000-square-feet of the estate can sleep up to 37 people.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-04-27 100235

Which brings me to...

The Number Three Reason to Rent Red Sands Ranch... it's HUGE!

attachment-Screenshot 2023-04-27 100415

Everything is bigger in Texas and at Red Sands Ranch you have room for 37 family members. Located on the Llano River, the huge estate can sleep dozens of people. The estate boasts nine rooms and six bathrooms, along with four self-contained rock cabins, two separate bunk units, and... a vintage airstream.

The Number Two Reason to Rent Red Sands's a waterpark all to yourself!

Red Sands Ranch offers a giant 4-story water slide which drops into a massive pool, and hot tub but just like another waterpark in Texas, visitors can enjoy some tubing in one of most prestigious rivers... the Llano River. Either way, it's tubing deluxe at the Red Sand Ranch!

attachment-Screenshot 2023-04-27 100325

Here we are... the Number One Reason to Rent Red Sands Ranch... if you divide it among family, it's not outrageously expensive.

We spent thousands of dollars on our cruise tickets and everywhere we turned there were tons of people in front of, beside and in back of us. Until our reprieve into our cabins we were always crowed together with strangers. For the low low price of @ $3,000.00 a night, several cabins at Red Sands Ranch could be yours!


We just checked availability and it does look like there are dates open this summer!

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