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Whatalove Show Some Love from Whataburger


It's time to Show Some Love to Your Special Someone with the chance to win BIG!

Show some love by registering to win a killer prize pack just in time for Valentine's Day. You can show some "Whatalove" to a secret admirer, a teacher, a mentor, your kid's teacher, your boss, your significant other, your second cousin's third wife, whomsoever you want to show some whatalove too!

It's easy! Registering takes less than 2 minutes!

That's right, Whataburger wants to hear your nomination for your WHATALOVE, and registering to win this basket is EASY. Just fill out the registration form below which takes all of two minutes for your chance to win a Whatabasket FILLED with treats for the one who treats you right! Whataburger is giving away a $50.00 prize to not one, not two but FOUR people. That's some serious LOVE!

Four winners from Whataburger!

Register today as we will draw 4 winners on Valentine's Day!

Speaking of love, how do you love your Whataburger? JP of the JP and Ingra Lee Morning show on KIXS 108 loves the Monterey Melt, and Ingra Lee loves the #1 with cheese. JP eats his french fries with ketchup but get this ...Ingra Lee eats her french fries with mayonnaise and pepper! Whataburger will fix it, just like YOU love it! That's real WHATALOVE!

Register Right Here

We just need the name of who you want to win the Whataburger giveaway, your name, and your number. Told you we'd make it easy!

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