Well it happened to me.  I leave for vacation in less than 2 weeks and I can't find my passport anywhere.  I literally searched my whole apartment.  I even went through every clothing item I have.  I can't locate it anywhere.  So what do I do if I leave in 2 weeks and need a new one.

You actually have a few options available.  You can expedite it by going to the post office or by doing it online which will take awhile and might cost you more.  I went through my options and finally noticed there is a passport agency in Houston where you make an appointment and you can get it the same day.  Perfect!  All you need is a birth certificate, passport photo, drivers license, proof of your itinerary that you are leaving in less than 2 weeks, and you need to fill out new passport information.

If you have lost your passport you need to fill out a form called DS 64.  If you need to apply for a passport you have to fill out DS 11.  Those also have to be completed before your appointment.  The Houston office is at 1919 Smith Street and when scheduling your appointment you will have to prove by showing a confirmation number.  The cost will be $195.00 which is a lot better than the $400 I saw on the internet.

So there you go.  You don't have to panic because you lost it.  Simply go to travel.state.gov and go from there.  The phone number to schedule is 1(877)487-2778.  Good Luck!