Jon Pardi has released the music video for his newest single, “Heartache on the Dance Floor.” Readers can press play above to watch.

The "Heartache on the Dance Floor" music video finds Pardi "just hangin' out [in] some little West Coast town," hoping to run back into the girl that stole his heart during a nighttime beach party. Shots of Pardi wandering around in the sunshine, looking for his lost love, are interspersed with clips of Pardi and the girl enjoying a romantic night together. Unfortunately for Pardi, his bandmates find him before the girl of his dreams does.

Pardi co-wrote “Heartache on the Dance Floor” alongside Bart Butler and Brice Long. The song tells the story of love at first sight for which the video provides a visual: “First thing that caught my eye, like nothin’ I’d ever seen / Sunburnt auburn hair, a California dream / Yeah, she was shakin’ them hips to some ‘ol Motown song / I couldn’t say a thing, so I sang along.”

"Heartache on the Dance Floor" is Pardi's third single off of his latest album, California Sunrise. It follows the successful releases of “Dirt on My Boots” and “Head Over Boots,” which both hit No. 1; “Head Over Boots” was the singer’s first-ever No. 1 hit.

California Sunrise is available for download via iTunes.

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