Walmart has just announced it will be closed for the upcoming holiday.

An estimated 2.2 million employees are likely thanking corporate Wal-Mart for choosing to let their staff take the Thanksgiving holiday off.

Taking a cue from stepping back last year, which didn't seem to hurt their estimated worth of 572.8 billion dollars, Walmart has just announced that they will again be closed on Thanksgiving Day.

This means when it comes to shopping for Thanksgiving recipe items, it's likely best that we all plan ahead.

It's likely more stores will be closed as well.

We will keep you posted Crossroads! 

How many of us took a late-night trip to Walmart on Thanksgiving Eve because we ran out of butter or milk? One year I forgot to buy potatoes. Can you imagine a Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes? My family either soooo... to Wal-Mart I went!

Just two weeks ago I learned something new about our local Crossroads Walmarts that I didn't know about and I want to be sure to share that with you too!

Our local Walmart is no longer opened 24 hours.

If you shop at Walmart frequently and you are saying to yourself, " I already knew that. It's been that way since the pandemic."

You should have told me before in a panic with a sick child I drove to Walmart for meds at 11 pm to discover only a handful of cars in the parking lot!

I didn't take the hint and got to the door when a polite security guard turned me away gently.

Here is the tweet from Today from Walmart CEO, John Furner.

Ya, Walmart can surely afford to take one day off.

We just need to make sure we shop early! 

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