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Thanksgiving; It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, especially if you are a Texas FOODIE! 

But before you cook your Texas thanksgiving turkey, read this! 

Your turkey is going to set the pace for the perfect Thanksgiving meal, because we know when it comes to families in Texas, if you don't get the bird right, no amount of buttered mashed potatoes is going to save your reputation.

And OMG what if your turkey is too small?

Bless your heart!

There are a few secrets to the perfect turkey, and it all starts with selecting the perfect turkey.

Let's start with the math. I know, I know, when you were in math class and wondered if you were ever going to need this is real life... well here it is, YESSSS. But this is basic and it's totally okay to grab your calculator now.

Tip 1: You will need about a pound to a pound and a half of turkey for EVERY guest you're going to serve at Thanksgiving.

BIG BONUS INFORMATION; * Thawing your turkey before hand is everything!

BE AWARE You will need 24 hours per every five pounds of turkey. That means you might have a turkey in your fridge for a day or two before the holiday.

Tip 2: Brining the turkey before roasting or frying is HUGE. Brining means you'll need to place the thawed turkey in salt water for a few hours before you get started. The general consensus offers you'll need 3/4 cups of salt PER GALLON of water it takes to cover the turkey. Brine for at least 8 hours before cooking your turkey.

Tip 3: Roasting a turkey takes 20 minutes per pound. Frying a turkey takes 3 minutes per pound. 

Tip 4: Let your turkey rest!

That's right, probably one of the most overlooked tips to a perfect turkey is just letting it rest.

I'm including two of my my favorite videos for the perfect turkey here.

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey, which is perfect for beginners. Thanks to Downshiftology.

If this is YOUR year to cook the turkey, we want you to know YOU GOT THIS! 

Ready for something shocking?

Thanks to the Art of Manliness we now know that 4300 people a YEAR burn their houses down frying a turkey!  Here is the video to save your house and the holiday!

Gobble, gobble this up y'all. Happy Turkey Day!

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