As a person that used to check the phone change compartment for quarters, and I know that I am not the only one!  I can really appreciate this story.  A Victoria woman found a $200.00 winning lottery ticket in the trash.  I learned of this as I was checking out at my usual Snax Max. The clerk had just got off the phone with the other store and luckily I was there to get the scoop.

I drove over to the Snax Max located at the corner of Navarro and Red River and was able to speak with the clerk, Mary Jane.   She said that a couple had walked into her store around 10'clock jumping up and down with excitement.  As she scanned the winning $20 Loteria ticket,  the lady said that she and her husband found that ticket in a trash can at the Splash N Dash carwash right across the street.  It was worth $200.00! I was able to get a picture of the cashed-in lottery ticket. How do you miss matching symbols?  SEE THE PHOTO BELOW. So if you were cleaning and vacuuming your car in the past day at that carwash you accidentally threw away $200.00.

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According to Mary Jane, says 'this happens quite often, It is not uncommon for someone to bring a winning Lottery ticket that they found in the parking lot or in the trash can. Have you ever found cash or a winning ticket in a parking lot or a trash can? Let us know in the comments of this Facebook post.

Mary Jane. Snax Max
Mary Jane. Snax Max


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