Victoria Gots Good Eats

There one thing Victoria has that is not up for debate, and that is: We Got Good Eats! We have tons of places to go and pick up some delicious lunch. So whether you want a gigantic jam-packed burrito or some fresh hand-rolled sushi, you can find a variety of goods here in the Crossroads.

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However, there are just some things that cannot be found in the Crossroads. Over the years, we had to let go of many of our favorite places to eat, and some of them have been hard to say goodbye.

Oh, the Nostalgia

I can remember being young and traveling to Victoria to have some delicious cafeteria food. Sure, you don't like it when your growing up and have to eat it in school, but something about being served in a restaurant makes everything better.

Those are just memories now; because many of the places from the younger days are gone. Instead, they have been replaced with new businesses; that could arguably be just as good or even better-so shout out to the fresh eats in Victoria too!

Goodbyes Are Hard

But, goodbyes are never easy, and food is no exception. Especially if you are a foodie like me and love trying new and unique things every week. Luckily, some really good spots are still here, and I would imagine many more to come in the future.

Check it Out Below

So take a scroll and check out some of the good eats that have come and gone. See if you remember them all, or better yet, let us know on social media if we missed any!

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