It's no secret that we are BIG foodies around here at the radio station. Almost every afternoon we check the National Day Calendar list just to see what food is being highlighted for the following day. Just. For. Fun.

Not surprisingly we have a plethora of recipes to share at a moments notice but for one obvious reason, we're stuck on a single appetizer dip, DELICIOUS Buffalo Chicken Dip. We're going to say Buffalo Chicken Dip is about as American as you can get.

Proud to be an American Buffalo Chicken Dip. 'Merica!

And here is the thing, we don't even need to look it up the internet to verify the quantity or ingredients. We know it by heart. It's that good.

Frankly, it's going to blow the flame right off your sparkler.

The basic ingredients for Buffalo Chicken Dip is 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese, 2 cups of shredded chicken ( rotisserie) and 2 packages of cream cheese. You'll need 1 cup of Blue Cheese dressing and if you like it HOT HOT HOT you'll need 1 cup of red pepper sauce.

Proud to Be An American Buffalo Chicken Dip DONE!

You mix this all together and bake it in the oven for twenty minutes or melt over the stove top until its melted gooey and amazing. You can serve it with celery sticks, carrot sticks and crackers. Or you can just skip the dipping apparatus and just spoon it into your mouth directly.

Here is a video if you need it straight from Food Wishes. They add cayenne and Old Bay seasoning but it's just fine without it.

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