It's the biggest garage sale they've ever had and it's the first one of the new year.

We're talking about the upcoming Operation Firefighters Garage Sale, scheduled for Friday, January 8th and Saturday, January 9th and it's gonna be HUGE.

It's not just HUGE as in the size of the venue they needed to host the sale, it's also HUGE because of the heart of the sale itself.

Every Christmas our local firefighters along with family and volunteers spend countless hours shopping and preparing meals for deserving families in our community.

Partnering with the Apartment Association, our firefighters present toys to kids, gifts to the elderly, and hot meals for those families as well.

Just last month our firefighters along with the Apartment Association were able to provide gifts and meals for 56 area families," Toni Stithem beams.

Toni is one of the most dedicated volunteers in our community who has been working hours on end with volunteers and firefighters to put this year's first Operation Firefighters Garage Sale together.

"We have two complete estates here along with everything you can imagine for this garage sale! Toys, books, decor, kitchenware, dishes, the works!" Toni offers. "This is our biggest garage sale yet!

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"100% of the proceeds from our local Victoria Operation Firefighter's Garage Sale goes to the children, family, and elderly our local firefighters," Toni continues. We helped 56 families and with that came helping 74 kids with Christmas gifts and 17 senior citizens." Toni goes on to offer that the meals they served were even warm when they delivered them to the families they serve.

Toni is happy to have volunteers for the sale on Friday and Saturday and is even open to receiving more garage sale items! " I just have to find space somewhere!" she laughs. THERE ARE OVER 50 TABLES OF ITEMS SO FAR!

You can call Toni if you're interested in volunteering or have items to donate at 361.571.8664

Operation Firefighters Garage sale will be located at 4106 Houston Highway, first floor of the former Club Portal club, and doors will open promptly at 7 am each day.


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