It doesn’t seem like a big number in the scheme of things.

However, in the world of social work, this means 35 kids in the Golden Crescent region really need a CASA volunteer.

They need YOU.

When a family is in crisis and becomes involved in the child welfare system, a CASA volunteer is appointed by a judge to advocate for the child. CASA’s volunteers focus on one child or sibling group at a time in order to increase the wellbeing of the children in foster care. The difference in having a CASA while in foster care makes is immeasurable.

Volunteers address mental, physical, and educational needs & work to ensure children's safety while they are in care. We help keep children connected to their culture and cultural identity. CASA volunteers work with all parties involved in the child’s life and ensure that everyone is working together for the best interest of the child. CASA Volunteers provide valuable information to the judge to help them make informed decisions on the case. CASA Volunteers advocate to keep families connected and together when safe and possible. All of this is done in typically under 10 hours a month. All of these wonderful things happen for families in just 5 monthly contacts, some of which are by email.

This makes it possible for anyone to become a volunteer. Those working from home, working full time, part-time, retired, anyone. You can even go through training and take a case with a friend or family member. Cutting your time In half, and adding yet another constant to a child’s life.

CASA needs 35 volunteers to join us for four nights of virtual training, starting October 13th.

Our goal is to have every child that comes into foster care to have a CASA behind them.

Can we count you in for our 35 kids?

For more information, visit CASA's website here. Or contact CASA volunteer coordinator, Morgan Mueller directly by calling 573-3734.

A special thank you to Morgan Mueller who submitted this article. She started her career at CASA after becoming a volunteer and falling in love with the organization and the children she serves.

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