Things They Don't Tell You as a First-Time Coach

  • In the last thirty minutes of the game half, the team cries
  • You are scared to break it to the players that there is another game that same day
  • Flowers and grass are extra interesting when you are playing ball

Let me just start out by saying, shoutout to all the VGSA volunteers. Organizing and coaching teams is no joke. The amount of time, effort, the knowledge you need to make a great season is unreal.

Let's Paint a Picture

Imagine this: Game started but you don't have a catcher's helmet so the game gets paused, then you realize you don't have a tee for the players to use, then teeth start falling out: welcome to my Saturday. I anxiously coached my first softball game this past weekend and let me say, it was an anxiety-driven, learning experience. I have never coached a sport in my life nor have I had the urge to be a coach; sure I wanted to volunteer, you know be a third-base coach or help put the ball on the tee, but head coach- absolutely not.

Massive Turnout=Massive Need For Coaches

However, Victoria Girls Softball Association had a massive turnout for players this season. There was just one problem- there weren't enough coaches for all the teams. So in a desperate attempt to ensure my 5-year-old daughter played softball this fall I was convinced enough to play head coach.

I made it clear to everyone involved I'm open to advice(i prayed for it), and it is going to be a team effort this season. I watch Youtube, I took all the advice, but nothing really prepares you for the real deal.

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Missing Items

First of all, we almost forfeited our first two games. We had two girls out and if one more missed the game, we wouldn't have the minimum amount of players- yikes. Thankfully everyone showed up. Nxxt disaster was, no one knew how to keep books; which is something I had no idea about or knew existed prior to signing up. Then we didn't realize each team had to bring their own tee; so shout out to the Pink Ladies and The Queen Bee's for their generosity and we were able to share the other team's tee during the game.

Ingra Sparkman TSM
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Once game time began that's where the real action began. My daughter cried about half of the game and stopped the game at one point by refusing to get on the field. I get it, it was hot and many others were tired and just over it halfway through the game. It was a laughable moment when she started screaming "Moooooooooommmmmmmmmyyyyyy! come here" while the game was going. She even managed to cry while she was batting and while running to all the bases.

Tooth Fairy is on Her Way!

At one point my team ran to the dugout to get ready to bat and one player ran up to me and said, "Coach my toof fell out" then proceeded to spit her old tooth out into my hand; it was priceless. We kept that tooth safe and delivered it to her mom who would then give it to the tooth fairy.

Photo by Kev Bation on Unsplash
Photo by Kev Bation on Unsplash

Having Fun at the Very Least

My team gave it their all, and we won half of our games last Saturday. To be fair, we only lost the other game by one run. It was comforting to see other teams were on the same level as us. Although next week we go against a team that has girls who are bred for softball so that should be interesting.

 Either way, we all have fun and everyone was full of smiles in the end! Go Battitude!

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