With everything Victorians have been facing recently and Tropical Storm Hanna expected to reach landfall in Corpus by 1 pm Saturday, it's a good idea to take a minute or two today to go through your mental check-list of weather-ready plans.

Hurricane season is here- June 1st through November 30th- and weather experts predict a busier than average season. Gov. Abbott recently alerted Texans to be weather aware and storm ready for Tropical Storm Hanna. This storm might be exactly what weather experts warned us about early in the season.

First and foremost review your Storm or Hurricane Kit. Click the link below to review weather experts' Top Ten Items to have in your kit.

Having this kit ready can not only help to save your life, but it can also save you from a lot of unnecessary stress if the weather gets rough unexpectedly. 

Do you have answers to questions like; Where will you go if the weather gets rough? Are your prescriptions filled in case of an emergency? What about your pets? What is does my insurance policy say specifically about flooding?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially for Texans. Did you know since 1851, 64 HURRICANES have struck the South Texas Coast? That is one every three years on average. 

One of the biggest hiccups we often face is an evacuation route if needed. Drive Texas.Org, a website from TxDot Highway Conditions offers you up to minute highway and road condition information as well as an emergency number to add to your list if you need an evacuate route or have questions. Just call them at 1.800.452.9292 or visit their website here.

Keeping you weather-ready and informed. That's just part of our commitment to you. Remember to download our station apps as we bring you up to the minute weather updates and will continue to monitor the season ahead. Just search for our station in the App Store or Google Play and click download. 


For a complete 2020 Hurricane Guide brought to you by the National Weather Service, click here. The City of Victoria, Operations of Emergency Management, has also prepared a weather-ready information guide specific to Victoria which you can review here.

Should Victorians have an emergency, call 911. Otherwise for non-emergency numbers the Victoria Police Dept. is 573.3221 and the Victoria County Sheriff's Department is 575.0651.

Stay safe Victoria. Stay Weather Aware!

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