I had never put much thought into piecing together a hurricane preparedness kit before then, but after my family and our Victoria community experienced Hurricane Harvey together in 2017, I was a changed woman.

As I wrote my last blog on hurricane predictions for 2020 yesterday I thought about all that we had learned three years ago. If you were living on the Texas coastline in 2017, you likely agree it was a hard lesson to learn.

Our local meteorologist, Trey Meynig of KAVU told me something the other day that stopped me in my tracks. He said, " People in Victoria don't realize Victoria didn't survive a Catagory Four hurricane. By the time Harvey made its way to Victoria, Harvey was a Catagory One hurricane."  Wow.

Victoria Texas experienced Harvey at a Catagory One.

Areas like Galveston and Rockport, those are the communities that experienced Harvey at a Catagory Four. And for Victorians, as hours turned into days without electricity and in some areas, running water, we all realized Victoria needed to do more to be better prepared and in many ways so did we. Hurricane season starts June 1st and lasts through November 30th for the United States.

Let's pack a hurricane preparedness bag together. Here are ten things we need to get started.

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