Victoria's city leaders and members of the business community have teamed up to promote National Book Lovers Day coming up on August 9th.

Hunter Follett, CEO of Tejas Production Services, is seen reading out loud in his office back on July 30th when his reading was filmed to be part of the series.

Victoria residents are invited to try and guess the titles of classic literary works that are read aloud in the video series. The game will be hosted in honor of National Book Lovers Day to celebrate literacy by encouraging people of all ages to spend some time reading a good book. Remember, a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. Stay sharp!

The City of Victoria this week invites residents to guess the titles of classic works of literature that will be read aloud in a video series featuring City leadership and members of the community. Dayna Williams-Capone, director of the Victoria Public Library says that during crazy times like these it can be therapeutic to sit for a while and enjoy a good book.

Keep an eye out as each day of the week the City of Victoria will share these videos on their Facebook page. Make your guess in the comment section of the videos like the one below.

To participate in the virtual engagements just follow the city on Facebook or Instagram. You can also stop by the Victoria Public Library to check out their display for National Book Lovers Day. A live storytime reading and other events will be taking place. Participating in some of the games could earn you a gift card to a local book store!

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