Here's some exciting news for those of you who are wanting and iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. I was reading an article and it was saying that Apple will start selling full unlocked and SIM-free iPhones 6 and 6 Plus. They are on sale now and why is this a big deal? Well the change means that anyone who buys the iPhone models will be able to use it anywhere in the world on any supported carrier by using their ow n SIM-card, which means one wouldn't be locked into any specific carrier.

Here's another cool thing about this, customer's are able to pick up the unlocked devices at their local Apple retail store or get one online through the Apple website. Then all the customer would have to do is take their SIM-card to the local Apple store and have an employee insert the card and they would be good to go!

The devices starting price will be $649 and going up to $949 depending on the screen size and storage space, which is the same pricing available for these unlocked models at T-Mobile except now you can get them directly from Apple.

So if you're wanting the latest Apple phone, they are available now, unlocked and ready to be used on any carrier and anywhere they are supported!

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