A Houston area woman who stabbed her fiance attempted to stitch his wounds with a thread and needle before calling 911. According to KENS-TV, Liliana Cervantes, 25 of Houston told the Houston Police Department that she tried to stitch up the victim's wounds before calling 911.

According to the article, the body of her fiance, Nathaniel Freeman, 32 was found inside the couple's apartment on the night of March 20. HPD homicide detectives found two large, bloody knives in the kitchen sink. They questioned Cervantes who admitted they had been drinking and arguing before she blacked out with their baby daughter next to her.  Cervantes claims when she awoke later, she found Freeman standing by the front door covered in blood.

When he fell to the floor, Cervantes, said she ran to get towels to clean up the blood because she didn't want her 4-year-old son to see it and that is when she ran to get thread and a needed before calling 911. She tells the District Attorney that she did in fact find him with a stab wound to the chest and starts sewing before calling the police and realized there was too much blood and was unable actually to sew the wound together.

Cervantes has been charged with murder and her bond was set at $150,000.00  Read the full story by clicking here. She also told investigators that Freeman cut his own arm about a year ago and didn't want to go to the hospital so she stitched it up herself. Police confirmed the victim had a scar on his wrist.

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