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Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza is back, FOR GOOD, and for the 590 Taco Bell locations alone in Texas, it's BIG NEWS!

Get ready Texas, Taco Bell has just announced the return of the massively popular fan-favorite, Mexican Pizza, and folks all over the nation are losing their minds!

Yep, beginning in May, Taco Bell will be serving their famous 1985 Pizzazz Pizza, known to us now as the Mexican Pizza at stores everywhere!

Taco Bell has just officially announced the return of their famous Mexican Pizza and according to the Taco Bell official website, the reason why will blow your mind!

Taco Bell's official announcement which you read in detail here offers that, "Pleas for the menu items return were 200K+ signers of a Change.Org petition. Victory for Mexican Pizza lovers! 

Yep, a petition changed it all for fans of the Mexican Pizza!

Check out the petition here.

But why did Taco Bell ditch the menu item in the first place?

Sounds like Taco Bell is looking into the future with their introduction to more plant-based food items and more sustainability by eliminating the " paperboard" that items like the Mexican Pizza were placed for transport. Turns out paperboard, although recyclable had to be recycled separately from cardboard, which is expensive and hard on the environment.

You can hear all about it on the "Mashed' Youtube channel. Very interesting stuff!

Now to find out why the beloved spicy chalupa hasn't made its return. I don't know about you, but I'd totally be willing to just have it delivered into my bare hands through the Taco Bell window if recycling the paperboard that houses the greatest snack food known to man is an issue.

What restaurants have come and gone and returned to the Crossroads? Message us on Facebook and our station apps and let us know. As our community continues to grow, so do our menu options! 

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