With the cleanup well underway after Hurricane Laura, the National Hurricane Center is going right back to work with FOUR additional systems in the tropics that could become named storms as part of the busy 2020 Hurricane Season.

While some of the storms have better odds for development than others, there are currently four storms that could develop into tropical systems over the upcoming workweek as outlined in the graphic below from the National Weather Service.

Aug 31 Two-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

It's already been a very active season for the Atlantic, and we now have two new systems with a 60% to 70% chance of development in the next couple of days. One system is hanging out a few hundred miles to the East of Jacksonville Florida, while the second is located in the Caribbean off the Venezuelan coast.

Wesley Adams
Wesley Adams

The other two systems are in the Eastern Atlantic and will take a few days before their activity can be further plotted. Neither of those systems is expected to develop in the next 48 hours, meaning it could take until the end of the week before it can be determined if they will become named tropical storms.

Up next on the list of names for the tropical activity are Nana, Omar, and Paulette. So there is a chance that the next hurricane could be named "Hurricane Nana", a terror to grandchildren everywhere. Storms must have sustained winds of at least 39 MPH before they will be named. So far this year we have had 13 named storms. Last year we had 5.

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