Currently, as of 12:00 on Friday 9/18, we have Tropical Strom 22 in the Gulf of Mexico, and the current track of what that storm might be the most 2020 thing ever. UPDATE: Tropical Storm Wilfred has already formed in the Atlantic.


The latest update has sustained winds of 35 MPH and is moving at NNE at 7 MPH. The next update will be at 1 PM.  What the storm will actually do next is a big mystery.  Tropical Depression Twenty-Two is forecast to become Tropical Storm and will linger in the western Gulf of Mexico before potentially impacting parts of the coast of Texas or northeast Mexico early next week.

Currently, the best thing for anyone from the northeastern Mexican coast to Louisiana is to keep an eye on this tropical system in the western Gulf of Mexico over the next several days. As you know from previous experiences strength and track of these storms can change at the spur of the moment.  As for now, we can expect increased rain chances for the next 5 days.


Stay safe my friends and check out these Hurricane tips.


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