The National Hurricane Center is now issuing advisories on Tropical Storm Gamma located in the Northwestern Caribbean and soon to be in the Southern Gulf of Mexico.

Oct 3 NOAA National Hurricane Center Advisory 4A for Tropical Storm Gamma

As of early Saturday morning, Gamma is moving Northwest at 9mph with maximum sustained winds of 65mph. At this time, Gamma is not expected to impact the Texas Gulf Coast. The tropical storm is forecast to turn to the southwest and make landfall in Mexico. We will continue to keep an eye on this storm throughout the weekend in the event it does begin to move towards the U.S.

Oct 3 NOAA Two Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

As we head into the month of October, the Atlantic and Caribbean are still quite active. We have a tropical wave (1) producing showers and thunderstorms over the eastern and central Caribbean Sea. There is about a 50% chance it could become a Tropical Depression by early next week.

Another Tropical Wave is moving over the central Atlantic (2). The system will move west-northwest but is expected to break apart when it runs into strong upper-level winds.

The third area of tropical activity is still very disorganized about 1000 miles east-southeast of Bermuda (3). There is about a 10% chance for this storm to develop into a tropical depression.

Here in the Crossroads, the forecast for the weekend is a good one!

  • Saturday: Sunny. High 87
  • Sunday: Sunny. High 90
  • Monday: Sunny. High 85

If you are headed for the beaches in South Texas this weekend there is a moderate risk for rip currents at our Gulf facing beaches.

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