Our friends at Crossroads Today recently did an article about potholes in Victoria. The recent reports attribute all the rain and flooding in recent weeks to an increase in the number of potholes are forming all across Victoria. We have a prime example of one of these roads located right outside of our studio. Maybe some of you have heard of Armory Drive?

Armory Drive has been patched up twice in the past year and with the high volume of rain, the potholes return.  The last patch job was like two months ago and here is what it looks like today, thanks to the continued rainfall SEE PHOTO BELOW. Why do potholes keep forming? Potholes are formed when groundwater seeps underneath the pavement, when vehicles begin to drive over the road, the road will begin to loosen and break as the water tries to escape.  According to the article, repair crews are currently fixing potholes around town. You can also submit your pothole photos by emailing JP@townsquaremeida. To report a pothole to the City, call 361-485-3160 or visit www.victoriatx.gov and click Service Request under the Services tab.

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Let's take this one step further, how about we take a look at the worst roads in Victoria. Of course, this is not an official list, just a list from someone who has lived in Victoria his whole life.  So I might miss a street in your neck of the woods. If so, send me those pics and I will add them to my gallery.


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