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Houston Astros fans have a lot to be excited about after opening weekend.  The Astros just swept their division rival Oakland Athletics with a combined score of 35-9 over a four-game series. No trash cans needed LOL.  The Houston Astros definitely made a statement this weekend! As reported by ESPN, The Houston Astros hit .320/.398/.565 with eight home runs and 12 doubles, becoming just the fourth team to begin a season with at least eight runs in each of its first four games. Only the 1978 Brewers, 1995 Red Sox, and the 2003 Yankees have accomplished this.  The 'Stros remain on the West coast for a two-game series with the Angles today and tomorrow. Their home-opener is on Thursday at Minute Maid against Oakland. Let's go Astros!

The Texas Rangers have opened their season with a record of 1-2 with a weekend series with the Kansas City Royals.  The Rangers will open their season at home today against the Toronto Blue Jays at 3:05 and with a little controversy. The Rangers will allow 100% capacity, that's 40,000 people.   The Rangers game will definitely be on showcase, nationally for that reason. However, I am just here for the baseball.

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