What is going on with the Dallas Cowboys? It looks like the problems go way beyond the playing field.  Yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys fell to a record of 2-5 with a loss of 25-3 versus their division rival and newly named, Washington Football Team. With all of the recent woes, the Dallas Cowboys are still in the mix in a very weak NFC East Division.

Backup Quarterback Andy Dalton, took a hit to the head from Bostic as he slid to the turf with 6:22 to play in the third quarter.  Dalton suffered a concussion on the hit, which resulted in Bostic's ejection.  We got our first look at 3rd string quarterback, Ben DeNucci.  Per ESPN,  A team spokesman has reported that Dalton was alert and doing much better than he was when he left the field after the hit. That is just the latest injury on the field.   The real question is, what is going on off the field with the Dallas Cowboys?

McCarthy was not happy with the way no one defended Andy Dalton after being dirty tackled by John Bostic  There have already been rumors going around that a lot of the Dallas players have called out McCarthy and the coaching staff for being unprepared. According, to reports, McCarthy is already on thin ice.

As a Cowboys fan, you gotta make the best of the situation.  Check out the memes that made me LOL.


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