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As we have seen in the past few days, Texas, in particular, South Texas, is not built for extreme cold weather.  I have seen many posts in the past couple of days in  which I have muttered to myself, 'Only in Texas!'  Just yesterday, I saw a man walk into a convenience store in shorts at 19 degrees.  Oh yeah, that guy was me!  Here are some examples of making the best of the situation. In the past couple of days on my social feed, here is a list of a few of the most Texan things I have seen: 

  • People calling less than an inch of ice a snow day
  • A tractor pulling a toddler in a laundry basket. 
  • A blow torch starting a fire in a house with no electricity
  • A person scraping ice off of their windshield with a Whataburger numbered table tent. 
  • Four pans of boiling water on the stove for bathtime

This brings back a personal memory from 2009!  We had a random 'snow day' and when I say 'snow day,' I mean mostly ice and a few flurries. My kids wanted to go play outside. We really weren't equipped with Winter clothes just yet. It was December, that's basically summer in South Texas.  As you see in the below picture my daughter was fine with her coat but my son's outfit was a bunch of random pieces.  A onesie, long sleeve shirt, light jacket, and socks as mittens. Shortly after I posted on Facebook, my wife commented: 'You could have at least used clean socks as mittens.'


What is the most Texan thing that you have done during this cold spell? 

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