KIXS 108 and Post Acute Medical join forces to recognize service men and women who have served. We thank them, we salute them, and we honor all who have fought for our freedom. This week we would like to recognize Norman Kahlich.

He was born and raised in Cuero. He was in the US Army. He enlisted in November 10, 1950 - Corporal – Rifleman – Sharpshooter. He was stationed in Louisiana at Camp Polk at the time now Fort Polk. Mr. Kahlich also spent time in Camp Chitosi Japan and also was in Korean war.Mr. Kahlich spent 2yrs active duty and then 7yrs as reservist.

When Mr. Kahlich returned home from the military he wasn’t sure what he was going to do for a living. He was a farmer before he went in the military and, at the time, upon returning he started his own dairy farm. Joycie stated that she remembered that during hard times – droughts – that the cows would get to eat before they could. She also remembered that Norman had to drill irrigation wells for the cows and the cost was approximately $10,000 and pumped about 300 gallons a minute. She also remembered that Norman didn’t have the turn on your own irrigation so he would have to go out in the fields and move the sprinklers by hand and this could be at 2am in the morning and the field would be so muddy. She stated that she doesn’t know how he still has a back.

Mr. Kahlich then moved on from Dairy farm and over the years did many things that included beer distributor, Justice of the Peace for 20 yrs, and also raised cattle. He also became the President of the Bank of Westhoff. He did this for 32yrs and then retired. He stated he really appreciated over the years that he always had a new car.

Mr. Kahlich and his wife Joycie have been married for 64yrs. Their anniversary was just recently celebrated – May 31st. They were married on May 31, 1953. They have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. They also have two grandchildren, 2 boys and 2 great grandchildren 2 twin boys.

Mr. Kahlich and Joycie are very proud of their children and it was easy to see when speaking with them. One daughter graduated valedictorian and then went on to graduate from Texas A&M as a Petroleum Engineer. The other daughter graduated from University of Texas and is now a CFO for HCA consolidated supply chain center. Their son went to Victoria college and then to Dupont/Invista and was with them for 40yrs. They have all their grandkids and great grandkids from their son.

Mr. Kahlich and his wife Joycie shared that Mr. Kahlich was able to go to 2 World Series out in California. In one of the series Reggie Jackson hit 3 home runs in one of the games. Mr. Kahlich was also privileged to meet Joe Garagiola when he was in California. Joe Garagiola was a baseball legend catcher who then became a great sports caster. Joe Garagiola passed at the age of 90 on March 23, 2016.

Currently Mr. Kahlich and Joycie moved from Westhoff to Cuero to be closer to the medical centers here in Victoria. They are part of the VFW, American Legion. They go to Church when they can and visit frequently to Dairy Queen during the week. Mr. Kahlich enjoys playing a German game called Skat. He meets up with other gentleman in Yoakum and plays every week. His wife Joycie mentioned that she plays 42 with many of her friends. She stated they talk awhile and then play awhile.

Quote: “My wife Joycie knows more about me then I do.”

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