Let's take a moment to showcase the unsung heroes of our school districts. Our bus drivers! This story comes out of Alvin, Texas, as reported by KENS-TV, Ana Avitia has been picking up and dropping off students on the same route in the district for two decades without missing one day of work.  This accomplishment deserves to be recognized and it was.  She was honored at the district’s June board meeting with a commendation. Avitia began her career in the district in 2001 and has run the same route all 20 years.

Ana says, “When I was a kid, I had perfect attendance in school. I wanted to get Astroworld coupons, which they gave you if you never missed a day,” Avitia shared while laughing. Who else misses the good old days of Astroworld? Ana plans to drive her bus until she retires, which she estimates is another five or so years.

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 How about we take a moment to showcase some of the using heroes in our area.  If you know of a school bus driver in our area who has been at their craft for a long time, let us know.  Submit a photo and tell us a little bit about the person and we will showcase them as a thank you for their service. Send photos and stories to JP@townsquaremedia.com.


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