91-year-old Jack Garey is from Georgetown, Texas and just showed everyone how much he loves fur babies with a very kind gesture.  As reported by the Austin American-Statesmen, we learn that Georgetown millionaire Jack Carey is still determined to help his community at the age of 91.

Garey donated the money to build the "Garey's Big Dog Bunkhouse," which will house elderly dogs at the Living Grace Canine Ranch in Bertram. The 4,000-square-foot structure. It has 26 kennels, a veterinary clinic, a storm shelter, air conditioning and heating, and a room with a couch where visitors can snuggle with the dogs. The total amount donated for this structure by Carey: $290,000.00.  How awesome!

Even though Garey now uses a walker and is on oxygen and has a wife recovering from surgery and is nursing his sick dog. He showed up in a muddy field last week to celebrate his latest gift to Central Texas.  Read more about Jack Garay

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Living Grace Canine Ranch is a Senior Dog Life Care Sanctuary. A charity dedicated to saving, serving, and valuing the lives of displaced, unadoptable and unwanted Texas senior canines. Their mission of mercy celebrates all breeds, regardless of physical, emotional, and medical challenges. Visit website.


In case you didn't know, senior dogs are the fastest growing canine demographic group in the Nation. The adoption rate for senior dogs is only 25%, compared to 62% for younger dogs. That is what the bunkhouses are needed for. The new building named after Garey has doubled the capacity of the canine ranch from 26 to at least 52 dogs, Rhonda Minardi, the founder of the dog sanctuary says, "Mr. Garey's generosity has helped save 20 dogs since we opened the new building,"

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