Texas's first cannabis hemp farm has officially been planted in Bergheim at Pur Isolabs.

Austin Ruple and his wife Jennifer of Pur Isolabs  offer that their farm is the first of it's kind, as approved growers of cannabis hemp in Texas.

Growing marijuana is still illegal in Texas with the exceptional of strict medical plantings and cannabis hemp, which has lower THC than marijuana, is now legal for approved farmers such as Pur Isolabs.  According to Kens5, Austin said, "It's about growing a healthy plant that God gave us and incorporating its extracts into products so we can serve Texans well."

The Texas Department of Agriculture issued Pur Isolabs their license in April. After their seeds were incubating in a greenhouse, they were planted in their fields a few weeks ago. The plants closely resemble cannabis marijuana but have a lower THC. The lower THC content make this type of farm different from farms who grow marijuana for medical purposes.

The Ruples offer that the main goal of opening the farm is to educate the public about the importance of hemp.

At Pur IsoLabs, the Ruples said they will harvest the hemp and extract the essential ingredients to produce a variety of products from oils to juices.

Bergheim is about 143 miles from Victoria and Pur Isolabs will be offering tours of their farm through September. If you're interested, schedule a tour at 1.830.755.8000.

Free samples are not given on the tour. We called and checked.

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