It's easy to see why students at St.Joe will be easily hooked on this year's newest club offered to St. Joseph High Schoolers in the 9th through 12th grade... it's the STJ HS Bass Club.

Yep, St. Joseph's FIRST fishing club!

According to Bass Club sponsor and STJ student Advisor, Ann Brogger, the new Bass Club in conjunction with the THSBA is "designed to provide a venue for high school students interested in competing in organized tournaments while establishing strict guidelines and academic standards that will allow student anglers to excel in both the classroom and the lake."

The STJ HS Bass Club will also host structured club activities throughout the year as well as participate in THSBA tournaments.

The THSBA, or Texas High School Bass Association, is a national non-profit organization who offers on their website here, " All proceeds from tournament entries, sponsorships, membership fees and donations are used for students scholarships that are awarded to the student's high school and are not awarded to student angler until that said student meets all qualifications of high school graduation and has in place a plan to further his education by the way of college, university or trade school. The only exception to this is the general operating expenses needed to put on tournaments."

Membership is open to any student in grade 9th through 12th providing that the 12th grader does not turn 19 before September 1st of their senior year.  The Bass Club will hold meetings after school and will participate in one service project a year with the first tournament already scheduled for September 26th at Lake Buchanan. As with all STJ clubs grades must be kept up and all students must have passing grades in all subjects to participate.

What a great time to get students outdoors while learning through fishing!

Online instruction begins next week Monday, August 10th for STJ students.

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