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Let me start out by saying that teachers deserve every penny of this and more! Texas Representative James Talarico has announced a bill that would set the minimum teacher salary at $70,000, with an adjustment for inflation and an increase over time. This comes after a very stressful year for our teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic As reported by KVUE in Austin, on Thursday, Rep Talarico announced that he filed HB-3580, which would set the minimum salary at $70,000.

The man behind the bill knows a thing or two about being an educator. State Rep Talarico served as a public school teacher and as the executive director for a nonprofit that provides technology to students. He goes on to tell KUVE “No teacher should have to work two jobs to keep the lights on. As a former teacher, I watched my coworkers drive for Uber at night and sell their blood plasma for extra money,” said Talarico. “In only 12 months, our teachers have endured a global pandemic, an economic collapse, and a deadly winter storm. I’m filing HB 3580 mandating a minimum salary of $70,000 for every teacher in Texas because our educators deserve nothing less.”

This bill needs to pass because our teachers deserve it. A big thank you going out to all of our teachers for going above and beyond to teach our future.  You can get more details about this new bill by clicking here.

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